Download Page for IPL Plugin


If you are running netscape from a PC (windows 95 or NT), you can download the IPL plugin. Currently, the plugin only runs under Windows95 and NT.

Instructions for Downloading the IPL Plugin

1. Click on the "Download" Link. Save it to your plugins directory.

2. Launch Winzip and unzip the plugin into the same plugins directory. You will have extracted the ipl plugin (NpIPL.dll) plus a directory called IPLPlugin. Move this latter directory to your root directory. This directory contains image and audio files needed for running the experiments currently registered for use with the IPL plugin.

3. Remove the .zip file you downloaded.

4. You will have to restart Netscape in order for the plugin to be loaded.

NOTE: In order make sure that the plugin has been loaded, launch Netscape Navigator and type "about:plugins" in the Location field. The Internet Psychology Lab plugin should appear at the top.

Download the IPL Plugin