There are two problems often encountered with the IPL PLUG-IN, the browser and installation. The first generally effects browsers other than Netscape. We have had very inconsistent performance with Internet Explorer, and have yet to figure out why. We are sorry but we can offer no assistance on this issue.

If you are running Netscape and are having problems running reaction time experiments on IPL, you need to follow the instructions below to make sure that the Plug-in is properly installed on your system.

  1. Check to see if the IPL PLUG-IN is installed by CLICKING HERE. This will check your browser for the plugin.

    If the Plug-in is not detected go to number 2.

    If the plug-in is detected by your browser there is a compatibility problem and the Plug-in does not work on your system.

  2. If the Plug-in was not detected by your system try searching for it under the START menu -->FIND -->FILES OR FOLDERS--> and type NPipl.dll. This will search all files and folders on your computer for the plug-in.

    If you find the plug-in on your system make sure that it is installed to the correct folder. Make a note of where the file NPilp.dll is located. Is it in a folder named "plugins" in the Netscape directory? If it's located in:

    \Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Program\Plugins


    \Program Files\Netscape\Communicator40\Program\Plugins

    there is a compatibility problem and the Plug-in does not work on your system.

  3. If you found the plugin but it is not located in the correct place you may move it manually by cutting and pasting it into the "plugins" folder mentioned in number 3 above.

  4. After moving the plug-in you must restart your browser so that the plug-in is registered with the system.

If you are still having problems, you may want to download and install the IPL Plug-in again.