The IPL development team has tried to make this site compatible with as many browsers as possible, unfortunately, some of the site uses a technology not supported by Internet Explorer 3.0+ and AOL 3.0.


Some problems with JavaScript are caused by settings in the browser preferences. If you are using NETSCAPE and getting JavaScript errors or having problems navigating the site check the browser preferences: At the top of the browser window select "EDIT" menu -->"PREFERENCES" -->"ADVANCED". Make sure that "ENABLE JAVA" and "ENABLE JAVASCRIPT" are checked. Click "OK" to set changes.


Javascript is used for navigation on some of IPL. This includes the "BACK" button on this site. If you are having problems with this try using the browsers' back button to navigate.


Javascript is also used for the glossary of terms on IPL. If you are having problems with the glossary try using this version.

If you are still having problems with Java based experiments on IPL, review the information on your specific browser.