Retinal Simulation Demonstration

Dr. George McConkie of the Beckman Institute conceptualized the following demonstration. It will bypass the normal perceptual apparatus that makes you unaware of the retinal events that occur when you look around the world and will allow you to experience them directly. Usually when you inspect a picture, you fixate various parts of the scene that are of interest.  Here you will hold your eyes steady and, using an actual scan path of a person who viewed a picture you are about to see, the applet will bring to your fovea the areas of interest fixated by this person. (You may need to scroll down to see the entire dark area).

Press the start button. A green cross will appear. Maintain fixation on this cross. It will turn red when the simuluation is finished.  Press the start button to re-start.

*A note about this demonstration:

This demonstration replicates both fixational and saccadic retinal events from an actual scan path that was recorded while this picture was viewed.  The retinal events are presented in real time, e.g., the fixational retinal events (the house) are displayed for 300-500 msec, the saccadic retinal events (no house) are displayed for 40-60 msec.