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In the following experiment, you will be presented with a sequence of images of faces.  The faces will either be happy or sad, or they will be chimeric.  Chimeric faces or those in which one half is sad and the other is happy.  In each trial the image will flash for a very brief duration (around 200 milliseconds).  You will respond by hitting the 's' key for sad or hitting the 'h' key for happy.  There will be two blocks of 20 trials per block.  Once you observe (and record) the data, you might want to try running the experiment again.  You may find that your data reveal a bias effect in which your response to stimuli favor either the right side or the left side.  What has happened in such a situation is that, in those cases where the two sides of the face were contradictory (i.e. "chimeric"), you were more readily swayed to make your judgement of happy or sad, based on which expression appeared on your favored side.  If you favor the right side, for instance, you might be inclined to see a chimeric face as happy, when the right side of that chimeric face is indeed happy.

If this is the first time that you are running the experiment, you will need to download some image files to your computer.  If you haven't already done so, you will also need to download the plugin.  Once you have downloaded the plugin you will be able to run many other experiments on IPL with few or no additional downloads needed.

After the two blocks of trials, the data will be displayed.

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