Stevens Experiment

The left-most key (key # 1) corresponds to the lowest tone, which is fixed.  The right-most key (key # 5)  corresponds to the highest tone, which is also fixed.  Your objective is to make adjustments to the frequencies of the intermediate keys (keys #2-4) such that the pitch-distance between each key is judged to be the same.  You may click on any key, at any time, to hear the tone associated with it.  However, if you wish to adjust the frequency associated with a particular key, you must move the position of the arrows keys by pressing the "Next" or "Previous" buttons.  When finished, hit the "Done" button to view the data.

NOTE: If you are using a modem or are on a very slow network, you may experience interuptions or delay in the deliviery of audio. We have attempted to solve this problem through the use of archived files (which would improve delivery). Unfortunately, there is not consistent browser support for this. Therefore, we do not use archived files, and thus there will more likely be delays in the delivery of the audio. We hope that the situation will improve over the next six months and that we can provide high quality audio in the future. However, the more you use this applet the faster the audio response will be, since the audio will be cached.