Stevens Experiment

Here we provide a variation of the Stevens experiment.  In the following experiment, you are presented with five different keys, each of which corresponds to a particular frequency range.  The left-most key (key # 1) corresponds to the lowest tone, which is fixed.  The right-most key (key # 5)  corresponds to the highest tone, which is also fixed.  Your objective is to make adjustments to the frequencies of the intermediate keys (keys #2-4) such that the pitch-distance between each key is judged to be the same.  You may click on any key, at any time, to hear the tone associated with it.  However, if you wish to adjust the frequency associated with a particular key, you must move the position of the arrows keys by pressing the "Next" or "Previous" buttons.

In the experiment, you may take as long as you wish until you are satisfied that the distance between each tone seems to be the same.  When you are finished, click on the "Done" button, in order to view the results of your effort as measured against those which Stevens extracted from his subjects.